Michelangelo Foundation Homo Faber Event
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents


Journey through diverse regions of beauty created by Europe’s finest masters
imagined by a team of renowned curators, architects and designers.
Venetian Way – artisans photographed – Homo Faber

Venetian Way

Susanna Pozzoli’s poetry in pictures takes you behind the scenes and into the heart of the workshops of 21 master artisans in Venice and the Veneto region. Feel the spirit of creation entwined in glass, ceramics, lace-making, brocade and more.

Imagined by: Susanna Pozzoli with Denis Curti
Creativity and Craftsmanship : artisans and designers encounter - Homo Faber

Creativity and Craftsmanship

Find out what happens when eight extraordinary artisans encounter talented international designers. A dialogue between artisan-designer pairs who have worked together to create lasting objects of beauty especially for Homo Faber.

Imagined by: Michele De Lucchi
Fondation Bettencourt Schueller : French fine craftsmanship - Homo Faber

Fondation Bettencourt Schueller

Highlights of the most stunning expression of French fine craftsmanship as seen through the programmes of the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller and, notably, its Liliane Bettencourt Prize pour l’intelligence de la main.

Curated by: Alain Lardet
Singular talents : workshop in virtual reality - Homo Faber

Singular Talents

Be transported through the medium of film into the most extraordinary workshops to discover some of today’s exceptional master artisans, whose craft is rare or unique. Three of the artisans are also presented in a virtual reality experience.

Presented by: the Michelangelo Foundation
Centuries of shape : evolution of design - Homo Faber

Centuries of Shape

See the evolution of design and its impact on craftsmanship and the decorative arts during the 20th and 21st centuries through a story told quietly and beautifully by a unique selection of iconic vases.

Imagined by: Triennale Design Museum
Best of Europe : The best European Artists and Artisans - Homo Faber

Best of Europe

Go on a journey through contemporary European craftsmanship and discover wonderful objects created by artist-artisans. Wander through a selection of over 300 objects including Spanish leatherwork, Italian ceramics, French porcelain, Irish basketmaking and German glassware.

Imagined by: Jean Blanchaert and Stefano Boeri
Workshop exclusives : master artisans in garage - Homo Faber

Workshop Exclusives

Step into a garage full of beauty to watch master artisans at work on the finer details of exclusive vehicles including cars, motorcycles, bicycles and even a helicopter!

Imagined by: Stefano Micelli
Fashion Inside and Out : high fashion and designers - Homo Faber

Fashion Inside and Out

Take a brand new look at the world of high fashion and all that goes into it by diving into this spectacular exhibit, staged in a 1960s swimming pool, which blurs the lines between inside and out.

Imagined by: Judith Clark
Restoring Art’s Masters : discover restoration - Homo Faber

Restoring Art’s Masters

Discover the science of restoration and witness the incredible perspective of master art restorers as you step into a workshop where expert artisans are breathing new life into works of art, both traditional and contemporary.

Presented by: Isabella Villafranca Soissons
Imaginary Architecture - Homo Faber

Imaginary Architecture

Let yourself be taken by surprise as you venture into two innovative ‘follies’ where intricate artisanal techniques and gorgeous materials combine to create stunning interiors.

Imagined by: India Mahdavi
Discovery and Rediscovery - Homo Faber

Discovery and rediscovery

Discover the true meaning of luxury as you meet the talented artisans behind some of the world’s most deluxe creations.

Selected by: The Michelangelo Foundation
Lesage Mesmerising embroidery : traditional savoir-faire and artistic innovation - Homo Faber

Mesmerizing Embroidery

The House of Lesage exhibition tells the story of the alliance between traditional savoir-faire and artistic innovation, at the very heart of creation. Every season the embroiderer of art delights the fashion world with its innovations.

Presented by: House of Lesage
Eilean – a legendary yacht fully restored – Homo Faber


Welcome aboard “Eilean”, a legendary yacht entirely restored by a team of master artisans from the Cantiere Francesco Del Carlo di Viareggio, and witness the care, skill and passion that goes into yacht restoration.

Presented by: Officine Panerai
Doppia Firma : innovative designers and master artisans collaboration - Homo Faber

Doppia Firma

Discover the 2018 edition of Double Signature, a project of the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestiere d’Arte and Living Corriere della Sera. Its 13 collaborative works have been created by international designers working for the first time with Venetian master artisans.

Presented by: The Michelangelo Foundation
Natural Talent : master artisans of marquetry and wood turning - Homo Faber

Natural Talent

Enter a forest of talent to view this highly original collection designed by the students of Creative Academy under the guidance of EligoStudio, and realised by Giordano Viganò and Torneria Meloni, master artisans of marquetry and wood turning.

Presented by: Creative Academy
Poetry of Wood – Bottega Ghianda – Homo Faber

Poetry of Wood

Discover the fine craftsmanship of the Italian master artisans of Bottega Ghianda, who use their expert knowledge of wood to interpret the vision of designers in the very best way, resulting in exquisite wooden objects that epitomise the value of handmade.

Presented by: Bottega Ghianda
Stanze del Vetro : Cappellin and Scarpa, Fondazione Giorgio Cini - Homo Faber

Le Stanze del Vetro

During a visit to Homo Faber, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy LE STANZE DEL VETRO, a permanent exhibition space within the Fondazione Giorgio Cini dedicated to glass curated by the Pentagram Stiftung Foundation.

Produced by: Pentagram Stiftung with Fondazione Giorgio Cini