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The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
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A series of talks and discussions with artisans, curators, artists and experts

From 14th to 30th September, every afternoon in the Squero hall at Homo Faber, the protagonists of craftsmanship and artistic and creative excellence will share their vision with the public.
The sessions take place in the language indicated in the programme, without translation.

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Day by day programme
15.09 14:00-14:45
SAT 15.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Design Glass between craftsmanship and design English | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

The intersection of glass craft and design has always proved fruitful. It is a space where tradition is celebrated as innovation is pursued - pushing forward towards novel interpretations of glass to match (and shape) contemporary tastes and desires. A discussion with French designer Emmanuel Babled and Danish scholar/artist Maria Sparre-Petersen.

Watch the conference Emmanuel Babled

Maria Sparre-Petersen
Artist and craftsperson

Glass between craftsmanship and design Design Conference 15
24.09 14:00-14:45
MON 24.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Technology Traditional skills vs the digital world English | Moderator: Andrea Tomasi

At the interface of handicrafts and digital technology lies a wide and mostly-unexplored space for innovation as well as for the preservation of traditions. In this session, Rainald Franz will discuss how technology changes (or not) the role of traditional skills, and the objects they produce.

Watch the conference Rainald Franz
Art historian and curator

Traditional skills vs the digital world Technology Conference 24
30.09 14:00-14:45
SUN 30.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Economy Know-how, and knowing why Italian | Moderator: Antonio Mancinelli

Luxury is living through a paradox: while big brands may be tempted to yield to the impersonal logic of mass production, they must at the same time guarantee value and durability. The role of the metiérs d'arts thus becomes essential to confirm the codes of elegance and exclusivity. In collaboration with Institut National des Métiers d'Art INMA.

Watch the conference Maurizio Galante
Couturier and designer

Serge Carreira
COO Mary Katrantzou

Know-how, and knowing why Economy Conference 30
25.09 11:30-12:30
TUE 25.09 | 11:30-12:30 | Conference | Michelangelo Foundation | Private Finding innovative models for transmission English | Moderator: Alberto Cavalli

In this session, the Commissionner of Homo Faber, Alberto Cavalli, will lead a discussion with the panelists around the innovative models they are implementing to ensure a two-way transmission of knowledge between master artisans and students and bridge the gap between the worlds of design and craftsmanship.

Watch the conference Rihards Funts
MAD International Summer School

Titus Kockel
German Confederation of Skilled Crafts

Agatha Zobrist
Haus der Farbe

Deborah Pocock
Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust

Finding innovative models for transmission Michelangelo Foundation Conference 25
25.09 13:45-14:30
TUE 25.09 | 13:45-14:30 | Conference | Michelangelo Foundation | Private Craftsmanship communication English | Moderator: Paolo Ferrarini

This session focuses on the role of communication in keeping craftsmanship alive and thriving. Each speaker will present the way in which they are successfully communicating about craftsmanship via different products and approaches. The short presentations will be followed by an open discussion centered on the importance of using diverse vehicles and formats to communicate effectively about this topic, particularly in relation to young audiences.

Watch the conference Josiane Giammarinaro
Ecole Boulle

Nadine Vischer Klein
Tresor Contemporary Craft

Romain Juilha
Ateliers d’Art de France

Zsolt József Simon

Barbara Geary Truan
Michelangelo Foundation

Craftsmanship communication Michelangelo Foundation Conference 25
22.09 15:15-16:00
SAT 22.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | Materials Making, and knowing how: earth French | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

Of all the eco-materials, earth is the one with the strongest symbolic meaning. It invites magic, emotion and creativity. This universal resource generates a tremendous diversity of vernacular and contemporary architecture and crafts and inspires a new relationship to the world, where we create from what we have under our feet. In collaboration with the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller. Followed by a guided tour of the exhibition "Pour l'intelligence de la main".

Watch the conference Ramy Fischler

Romain Anger

Nicola Delon

Making, and knowing how: earth Materials Conference 22
14.09 14:00-14:45
FRI 14.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Creativity Best of Europe Italian | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

The largest room of Homo Faber (500 sqm) showcases the work of the best master artisans of Europe, from Italy to Iceland, from Bulgaria to Estonia, using materials ranging from ceramic to textile, glass, silver, plastics, wood and more. We will discuss creative processes and European craftsmanship with the curator and the architect of the room.

Watch the conference Jean Blanchaert

Stefano Boeri

Best of Europe Creativity Conference 14
14.09 15:15-16:00
FRI 14.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | Design Craftsmanship and imagination English | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

India Mahdavi imagines spaces. Together with master artisans, the celebrated architect and designer has created for Homo Faber two unique "follies" showcasing the potential of fine craftsmanship to shape and inspire. In this session, Bruno Giussani will engage in a dialogue with Mahdavi about imagination, materials, and modern living.

Watch the conference India Mahdavi
Architect and designer

Craftsmanship and imagination Design Conference 14
15.09 15:15-16:00
SAT 15.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | Photography Where the Venetian masters work Italian | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

Photographer Susanna Pozzoli has trained her camera on the "bottega" (workshops) of 21 master artisans from Venice and the surrounding region - spaces of unique skills and creativity. The images are exhibited in one of the rooms of Homo Faber, curated by Denis Curti. Here, the photographer discusses the making-of, together with two artisans.

Watch the conference Susanna Pozzoli

Eleonora Menegazzo

Carlo Semenzato

Where the Venetian masters work Photography Conference 15
17.09 15:15-16:00
MON 17.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | History A Venice time machine English | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

The Venice Time Machine is a project by Ca' Foscari University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) to create a model of Venice based on digitising and modeling in 3D the information contained in 1,000 years of the city's archives, plans, maps and photos. A 3D visit, guided by Frédéric Kaplan, through the history of Venice.

Watch the conference Frédéric Kaplan
Digital Humanities Lab EPFL

A Venice time machine History Conference 17
17.09 14:00-14:45
MON 17.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Technology If it is virtual, Is it craft? English | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

Design and production of real-time 3D interactive experiences like video games or virtual reality are often considered relatively automated processes. But behind the making of these virtual experiences there are creative men and women with highly honed skills – a sort of “digital craftsmanship” that will be discussed in this talk through the example of the “Colossus of Venice”, the virtual reality guide (specially created for Homo Faber) taking visitors through the complex worlds of three exceptional artisans: the hard-stone inlayer, the automaton maker and the enameller.

Watch the conference Guillaume Martini
Interactive experience designer

If it is virtual, Is it craft? Technology Conference 17
19.09 14:00-14:45
WED 19.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Economy Craftsmanship in a post-industrial world Italian | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

Craftsmanship and mobility mingle in the “Workshop Exclusives” room curated by Stefano Micelli for Homo Faber, where even a handmade helicopter is exhibited. In this talk and subsequent discussion with host Bruno Giussani, the economist explores the intersection of craftsmanship and of the “fourth industrial revolution”.

Watch the conference Stefano Micelli
Ca' Foscari University

Craftsmanship in a post-industrial world Economy Conference 19
18.09 14:00-14:45
TUE 18.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Design Mulier Faber: designed by women Italian | Moderator: Alberto Cavalli

Is there a specifically "female" creativity and inventiveness? And if so, how can it be characterized? In this session, young Italian designer Sara Ricciardi, whose works have been described as "the most Instagrammed" of this year's Milan Design Week, and design historian and critic Anty Pansera will discuss the creative originality of women, the evolution of the role of artisans / artists / designers, and the impact of social media.

Watch the conference Sara Ricciardi

Anty Pansera
Design historian and critic

Mulier Faber: designed by women Design Conference 18
20.09 14:00-14:45
THU 20.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Architecture Vatican chapels Italian | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

The "most surprising" pavillion at this year's Venice Architecture Biennale is the Vatican’s, according to the NY Times. It is installed in the park of Fondazione Cini and composed of ten chapels created by international architects. A discussion about this itinerary for people of faith and for believers in architecture alike, and about its making-of.

Watch the conference Francesco Dal Co
Vatican pavillion

Renata Codello
Director Institutional Affairs
Fondazione Cini

Vatican chapels Architecture Conference 20
27.09 14:00-14:45
THU 27.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Future Crafts thinking English | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

What role does craft play in an uncertain world in search of meaning? Beyond the excellence of the artisans’ skills and works, we see signs of craftsmanship’s impact extending into education, politics, economy and the environment. Chloé Braunstein-Kriegel and Fabien Petiot, co-authors of the new anthology “Crafts”, argue that it’s time for “craft thinking”.

Watch the conference Chloé Braunstein-Kriegel
Writer and curator

Fabien Petiot
Designer and art historian

Crafts thinking Future Conference 27
27.09 15:15-16:00
THU 27.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | Fashion Crafting fashion, and crafting fashion exhibitions Italian | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

Fashion curators Judith Clark and Maria Luisa Frisa have within their practice to identify, describe, catalogue, and display fashion in order for it to be taught. In their talks they will discuss craftsmanship both as a set of skills and as a set of ideals, and as a generator for the most conceptual fashion and fashion exhibition-making today.

Watch the conference Judith Clark
Fashion curator

Maria Luisa Frisa
Critic and curator

Crafting fashion, and crafting fashion exhibitions Fashion Conference 27
30.09 15:15-16:00
SUN 30.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | Future Craftsmanship, a comparative advantage for future excellence French | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

This closing session will examine the singularity of crafts and their role for the future of luxury Maisons and will review the Homo Faber exhibition: experiences, anecdotes, knowledge and future trends. In collaboration with Institut National des Métiers d'Art INMA.

Watch the conference Lyne Cohen-Solal
INMA, Paris

Fabienne Lupo
Co-executive Director
Michelangelo Foundation

Alberto Cavalli
Homo Faber

Craftsmanship, a comparative advantage for future excellence Future Conference 30
25.09 10:15-11:15
TUE 25.09 | 10:15-11:15 | Conference | Michelangelo Foundation | Private Evaluating craftsmanship English | Moderator: Rainald Franz

An open debate about the importance of developing evaluation schemes to elevate the societal status of artisans and increase the interest of younger generations in the fields of craftsmanship. Each participant will share their vision and expertise as well as discuss the merits of evaluating craftsmanship and whether or not a common language and understanding of what constitutes excellence in craftsmanship can help in the evaluation process.

Watch the conference Louise Allen
World Crafts Council Europe

Gérard Desquand
Master artisan, France

Ieva Skaurone
Vilnius Academy of Arts

Alberto Cavalli
Fondazione Cologni

Evaluating craftsmanship Michelangelo Foundation Conference 25
28.09 15:15-16:00
FRI 28.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | Economy China, Korea, Japan : markets or rivals for European crafts? English | Moderator: Muriel Prouet

Often considered a target market for European crafts companies, China, Korea and Japan are also characterised by a strong craft tradition and represent nowadays a growing challenge for European stakeholders. In collaboration with Institut National des Métiers d'Art INMA

Watch the conference Beatrice Quette
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris

Grace Zhan
ZENS Lifestyle Europe

China, Korea, Japan : markets or rivals for European crafts? Economy Conference 28
29.09 15:15-16:00
SAT 29.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | Photography Craftsmanship, art and society French | Moderator: Lyne Cohen-Solal

This session explores the work of Atelier Hélio’g, one of the last to use the photogravure process (engraving and printing technique invented at the end of the 19th century) and to collaborate with artists and journalists, embellishing and ensuring the sustainability of their creations. In collaboration with Institut National des Métiers d'Art INMA.

Watch the conference Fanny Boucher
Héliograveur Hélio’g

Marie Levoyet
Apprentice Hélio’g

Édouard Elias
Photographer and journalist

Craftsmanship, art and society Photography Conference 29
29.09 14:00-14:45
SAT 29.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Technology Crafts in the digital age English | Moderator: Annie Warburton

This roundtable addresses the opportunities and challenges offered by digital technologies in crafts: how does it impact craftspeople’s thinking and technical processes, as well as the link between the hand and the material. In collaboration with Institut National des Métiers d'Art INMA.

Watch the conference Stephen Hoskins
UWE Bristol

Lucy Johnston
Author and innovation consultant

Crafts in the digital age Technology Conference 29
22.09 14:00-14:45
SAT 22.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Materials Making, and knowing how: matter and time French | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

In this session Aman Iwan and collective Les Bâtisseuses review their experience at Caserma Pepe, on the Venitian Lido island. With French and Italian craft, architecture and design students, they probed the erosion process during a workshop on water, wood, mud and mosaic, thus replacing matter at the centre of sustainable and responsible practices. In collaboration with Les Ateliers Médicis. With the support of Fondation Bettencourt Schueller.

Watch the conference Feda Wardak

Nicola Delon

Agnès Prévost
Visual artist

Dounia Fert

Making, and knowing how: matter and time Materials Conference 22
18.09 15:15-16:00
TUE 18.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | Books The new frontiers of conservation Italian | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

The Michelangelo Foundation with the Cologni Foundation and Open Care presents a preview of "Art Work", the English translation of the important book by Isabella Villafranca Soissons "In Opera" published by Marsilio, dedicated to the fascinating world of restoration and conservation of contemporary art. This session will take place in English and Italian, without translation.

Watch the conference Isabella Villafranca Soissons
Director conservation and restoration Open Care

Barbara Geary Truan
Secretary General
Michelangelo Foundation

Giorgio Fasol
Contemporary art collector

Karole Vail
Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice

The new frontiers of conservation Books Conference 18
28.09 14:00-14:45
FRI 28.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Conference | Economy The paradox of the craft economy English | Moderator: Muriel Prouet

This roundtable examines the business model of crafts companies and addresses the paradox existing between the attractiveness and fascination of consumers for crafts products, and the economic weakness of crafts companies.
In collaboration with Institut National des Métiers d'Art INMA.

Watch the conference Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
Glass blower

Nicky Dewar
Crafts Council UK

The paradox of the craft economy Economy Conference 28
21.09 18:00-18:45
FRI 21.09 | 18:00-18:45 | Conference | Books Italian masters of beauty Italian | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

The Fondazione Cologni and publishing house IdeaBooks present a preview of the new publication “Italian Masters of Beauty”: an extraordinary tribute to 35 Italian masters of excellence, true “living treasures” active in all sectors of high artistic craftsmanship.

Watch the conference Graziella Pasquinucci
Publisher IdeaBooks

Toto Bergamo Rossi
Director Venetian Heritage Italy

Peter Marino
Architect and Chairman Venetian Heritage New York

Alberto Cavalli
General Manager Fondazione Cologni

Italian masters of beauty Books Conference 21
21.09 15:15-16:00
FRI 21.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Conference | Books Artfully made Italian | Moderator: Bruno Giussani

The Fondazione Cologni and publishing house Marsilio present the book by Ugo La Pietra "Fatto ad arte. Né arte né design" ("Artfully Made. Neither Art nor Design"), which presents a selection (1975-2018) of writings and drawings by the great Italian artist, architect and designer, a historic champion of applied arts.

Watch the conference Ugo La Pietra
Artist, architect and designer

Alberto Cavalli
General Manager Fondazione Cologni

Alberto Bassi
IUAV University Venice

Artfully made Books Conference 21
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The sessions take place in the language indicated in the programme, without translation.
Other sessions and speakers will be announced soon.

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