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The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
Workshop Exclusives
Workshop Exclusives Imagined by: Stefano Micelli
Explore the role of craftsmanship in transportation
Man and machine unite to take transport into the future

Step into a mechanic’s garage and encounter the talented artisans contributing to the future of transportation. Discover why technology isn’t all that counts when it comes to making the fastest cars, the lightest bicycles or the most inventive motorbikes. Without passionate artisans inspired by the past and dreaming of the future, our vehicles would remain bland and homogenous. Find out more about the vital role of the human hand in the development of advanced transportation through live demonstrations from artisans working on site and films throwing a spotlight on incredible techniques. Come face to face with the passion, skill and vision of the people working in harmony with technology to create and customise remarkable vehicles.

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The master artisans influencing the way we travel
Autofficina Bonini Cars

Marvel at the F40 Ferraris expertly restored by Carlo Bonini, who has been repairing, restoring and customising Ferrari at his garage in Reggio Emilia, Italy, for 30 years. An authorised Ferrari service garage, the company works with its private customers to restore these iconic Italian cars and customise them according to their client’s needs.

About Autofficina Bonini

El Solitario Motorcycle Club Motorbikes

Discover the fantastical creations of David Borras, a legend in the world of motorcycles. Known as El Solitario, Borras lets his imagination run wild as he and his crew customise motorbikes in his workshop in Galicia, Spain. Drawing on features of classic design, high technology and his unique vision, El Solitario’s bikes are instantly recognisable.

About El Solitario Motorcycle Club

Konner Helicopters

See the incredible techniques used to assemble a Konner helicopter. Inventor and visionary Sergio Bortoluz set up Konner in Italy in 2002 to create exceptional aeronautical products such as the ultra-light K1 two-seater helicopter. Using innovative materials and working closely with customers, Konner makes these bespoke helicopters to order.

About Konner

Bottega Conticelli Scooters

Appreciate the attention to detail and exceptional quality of the bespoke leather pockets, bags and other accessories made by Conticelli for the iconic Vespa. Founded by Stefano Conticelli in Umbria, Italy, this family-run company handcrafts fine accessories for the home, the outdoors and classic vehicles.

About Bottega Conticelli

Hartley Cycles Bicycles

A trained jeweller and silversmith, London-based Caren Hartley transferred her metalworking skills first to sculpture and then to bicycles. Taking an artisanal approach and using a variety of metalwork techniques, she handcrafts bespoke frames for city bicycles, tailoring them to fit her customers perfectly. Working on site 12-18 September only.

About Hartley Cycles

Stajvelo Bicycles

This Monaco-based start-up was founded by bicycle enthusiast Thierry Manni, who set out to create the electric bike of his dreams. The company handcrafts simple, comfortable yet technologically advanced urban e-bikes. Their RV01 eco-bike is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Working on site 19-24 September only.

About Stajvelo

Pedemonte Bike Bicycles

After previously making composite materials for the car industry, Sergio Pedemonte decided to apply his expertise to two wheels. His family business in Liguria, Italy, creates high-end carbon fibre racing bike frames which are custom-made for clients, making each one unique. Working on site 25-30 September only.

About Pedemonte Bike

Imagined by: Stefano Micelli

An authority on Italian artisanal craft, Stefano Micelli is Professor of Business Economics and Management at the University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari. Since 1999, he has served as the director of TeDIS – Venice International University’s research centre focusing on innovation in small to medium sized industrial companies. His academic work has centred on the evolution of Italian artisanal craft and its future manufacturing potential. In 2012, he received the ADI Design Index prize for his authoritative analysis of Italian artisanal craft, Futuro Artigiano.