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The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
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From 14th to 30th September 2018 the inaugural edition of Homo Faber attracted 62,500 visitors from all over the world to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice for an unprecedented showcase of the finest European craftsmanship. Organised by the Michelangelo Foundation, Homo Faber 2018 was the first event of its kind and the start of a new cultural movement aiming to celebrate and support master artisans handcrafting objects of true excellence. Homo Faber will return for its second edition in 2021.
62,500 Visitors 410 artisans and designers 900 unique artworks 91 live demonstrations
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Exceptional artisans
Shining a light on exquisite craftsmanship

Homo Faber 2018 showcased the talent of more than 400 master artisans working in Europe today. Its 16 exhibition spaces displayed around 900 outstanding examples of fine craftsmanship, showing the public the value that craftsmanship brings to transportation, fashion, interior design, art restoration, luxury goods and simple everyday objects. More than 90 artisans worked live on site, demonstrating their fascinating skills and techniques to visitors, from wood carving and embroidery to gem sculpting and fore-edge painting.

“Thank you for the most intelligent and profound experience.
We feel honoured to visit such a beautifully curated
and represented exhibition of artisans.”

blackvisuallondon, Instagram

Discover the artisans
A growing network
Working together to build a bright future for craftsmanship

Homo Faber 2018 was an inspiring meeting place for those looking to shape the future of craftsmanship. Individuals, universities and organisations came together to exchange ideas, while the next generation of talent was nurtured through the Young Ambassador programme. Students of applied arts and design from all over Europe, these 105 Young Ambassadors were at the heart of Homo Faber, sharing their knowledge and passion with visitors and drawing inspiration from the exhibition for their future careers.

“The Young Ambassadors were outstanding,
so helpful, and their knowledge and enthusiasm was incredible.
They have a very bright future.”

Kevin Grey, silversmith and participating artisan, Instagram

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Explore Homo Faber 2018

Find out more about the 16 incredible exhibition spaces that featured in Homo Faber 2018 and experience the finest French craftsmanship, exquisite contemporary haute couture, artistic photographs of Venetian workshops, exclusive collaborations between designers and artisans, stunning objects made by Europe’s best artist-artisans and much, much more.

“What an amazing experience!”
jrlaw66, Instagram

Homo Faber TV

Watch these beautiful films and get a close-up view of the stunning objects,
rich materials and fascinating skills showcased at Homo Faber 2018.

Talks and debates

During Homo Faber 2018 artisans, designers and curators took part in more than 40 talks and debates in the beautiful Lo Squero conference hall. These dynamic and fascinating sessions explored the challenges faced by craftsmanship and debated what can be done to overcome them as we seek to craft a more human future.

Crafting fashion, and crafting fashion exhibitions

Hear how craftsmanship can inspire conceptual fashion and fashion exhibition-making.

Vatican chapels

A discussion about the making of the Vatican Pavilion at this year’s Architecture Biennale.

Craftsmanship Communication

This session focuses on the role of communication in keeping craftsmanship alive and thriving. Each speaker will present the way in which they are successfully communicating about craftsmanship via different products and approaches.

Mulier Faber: designed by women

A discussion about the creative originality of women.