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The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
Natural Talent
Natural Talent Presented by: Creative Academy
Enter a forest
of talent
Discover wooden creations designed by young talents and realised by master artisans

If you go down to this wood today you’re sure of a big surprise – because nestled among the pale trunks of birch trees are 18 beautiful and intriguing wooden objects, the result of a special collaboration between talented young international design students at Milan’s Creative Academy and two Italian master woodworkers. Discover objects inspired by the students’ homelands and realised using the techniques of woodturning and marquetry. Glimpse the design talent of the future, nurtured by the master craftsmen of the present.

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Young designers meet master artisans

The wonderful wooden objects in this collection were designed by the class of 2017 at Creative Academy, a Milan-based international design school offering a unique Master’s level course for just 20 students a year. These young design talents worked under the guidance of professional Milan designers Eligo Studio and collaborated with marquetry specialist Giordano Viganò and master woodturner Carlo Meloni to develop their pieces. A meeting between design and craftsmanship, an incubator of talent, a coming together of hands and brains… this special process helped students discover the possibilities and limitations of wood in order to bring their designs alive in the very best way.

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Each wooden object in the Natural Talent collection is inspired by the country of origin of the young talent who designed it and reflects the student’s fruitful encounter with the master artisan who made it. A student from the UK designed a skateboard with a leaf pattern depicted in beautiful marquetry. A French student explored different varieties of wood and chose the best ones for his golf accessories box. An Israeli student was inspired by the versatility and colour variation of different woods for her Hanukkah candelabra design. And an Australian student designed a fan to harness the artisan’s ability to enhance the naturally beautiful grain patterns and colours of walnut wood.

Colour & grain
Colour variations, grain patterns… working with master cabinetmaker and marquetry specialist Giordano Viganò inspired students to make the most of wood’s natural attributes.

Shape & line
Expert woodturner Carlo Meloni’s mastery of technique stimulated students to design modular elements in different woods, showcasing his impeccable command of shape and line.

Creative Academy

Based in Milan, the capital of design, Creative Academy offers a highly specialised Master’s programme taught by working professionals. Unique in the world, it aims to give students a real appreciation of craftsmanship in order to help them better design with the maker in mind. The Academy selects just 20 young designers per year who come from a diverse array of design backgrounds: from fashion and watches to industrial design and even car design. Students spend seven months being taught by professional designers and artisans across three fields – jewellery, watches and accessories – and have the opportunity to work on real projects. This hands-on training is followed by a three-month internship in one of the Richemont luxury houses.