Michelangelo Foundation Homo Faber Event
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents

Homo Faber 30 September

Get closer to craftsmanship by exploring today’s interactive events and activities
Watch artisans demonstrating their skills live
Discovery and Rediscovery

Watch artisans from some of Europe’s finest luxury houses demonstrating rare or unique skills including saddlemaking, enamelling, engraving and glyptic art.

Restoring Art's Masters

Discover the secrets of art restoration by watching artisans wearing Go Pro cameras restoring artworks in front of your eyes. 15:00 Open Care presents a special film about restoration.

Best of Europe

Fanny Boucher France
Manuel Ferreira Portugal
Valerii Grebennikov Russia
balalaika making
Séverina Lartigue France
silk flower making
Francesco Raimondi Italy
Charles Roulin Switzerland
knife making

Poetry of Wood

The master woodworkers of Bottega Ghianda, Italian furniture makers of excellence, showcase the fine craftsmanship that goes into their products.

Workshop Exclusives

See the team from Konner demonstrate the techniques involved in creating a customised helicopter. Watch artisans from Pedemonte making high-end carbon fibre racing bike frames.

Attend a fascinating talk about craftsmanship
Craftsmanship, a comparative advantage for future excellence
30.09 | 15:15-16:00 | Future
Craftsmanship, a comparative advantage for future excellence
Lyne Cohen-Solal, Fabienne Lupo, Alberto Cavalli

A review of Homo Faber and an examination of the singularity of craftsmanship and its role in the future.
In collaboration with Institut National des Métiers d’Art INMA.

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Know-how, and knowing why
30.09 | 14:00-14:45 | Economy
Know-how, and knowing why
Maurizio Galante, Serge Carreira

A discussion about the essential role of craftsmanship in maintaining elegance and exclusivity in the luxury sector. In collaboration with Institut National des Métiers d’Art INMA.

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Listen to a free concert
30.09  |  20:00  |  Free access Discovery and Rediscovery “Benedetto Marcello” Music Conservatory, Venice Kapsberger, Foggia, Frescobaldi, Peruchona, Schutz, Tunder The Department of Early Music of the Venice Conservatory showcases relevant and precious authors, not often present in the concert season, who deserve to be discovered again. The centrality of Venice is evident either in the composers’ biographies, ... About Venice Conservatory
Take part in a hands-on workshop
Mesmerizing Embroidery

Don’t miss this very special opportunity to work alongside master artisans from leading Paris embroidery house Lesage and try out some of their incredible techniques! Working on a large cotton canvas, you will help embroider a 19th century map of Venice as seen from the sky. Sessions last 30 minutes.