Michelangelo Foundation Homo Faber Event
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
Venetian Way
Venetian Way Imagined by: Susanna Pozzoli with Denis Curti
Witness the beauty of
Venetian artisans at work
Discover a poem in pictures by Italian photographer Susanna Pozzoli

Step into the beautiful Chiostro dei Cipressi cloister of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini to view a photographic ode to craftsmanship. Italian photographer and artist Susanna Pozzoli had the privilege of photographing master artisans from Venice and the Veneto region, especially for Homo Faber. Glassblowers and shoemakers, weavers and gondolas makers, metalworkers and lacemakers… artisans from 21 workshops opened their doors to allow Pozzoli to observe them at work. Through her lens she captured the critical moments within the process of creation, the tools, materials and gestures that contribute to making a thing of beauty. The result is a poem in pictures, an homage to craftsmanship and the vast artisanal richness of Venice and Veneto.

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Susanna Pozzoli
Photographing the heart of the matter

It takes an artisan to know an artisan. No stranger to the world of craftsmanship, Susanna Pozzoli took an artisanal approach to her photography, using analogue film to craft her photographs in a similarly precise, disciplined way. Working in harmony with those she photographed, Pozzoli and her camera witnessed not only the process of creation but the passion, commitment and devotion that Venetian artisans have for their work. A commitment that drives glassworkers to begin work at 4am because it’s cooler, a devotion that pushes master artisans to pound gold leaf until it’s many thousand times thinner than paper…

A journey through the creative process

Displayed around the walls of the beautiful cloister, Pozzoli’s photographs illustrate important aspects of craftsmanship, revealing the details, colours, textures and atmosphere in the workshops she visited. We see the raw materials, the base from which all artisans work, and the context – the wonderfully shabby boatyard where wooden gondolas are made in the traditional way, the intimacy of the cabinet maker’s workshop. We see the tools that are critical to the work – the tailor’s scissors, the shoemaker’s hammer. Lastly, we glimpse the gestures of the artisan, whose mastery of these tools and techniques brings the object to life. By inviting us into these fascinating workshops in such an artistic way, Pozzoli’s photos pose questions, spark our imagination and allow us to see craftsmanship in a new light.

Nicolao Atelier Sartoria Teatrale, Venice Nicolao Atelier Sartoria Teatrale, Venice
Fornace Orsoni, Venice Fornace Orsoni, Venice
Tipoteca Italiana, Cornuda, Treviso Tipoteca Italiana, Cornuda, Treviso
Mario Berta Battiloro, Venice Mario Berta Battiloro, Venice
Vetreria Anfora, Venice Vetreria Anfora, Venice
Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, Venice Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, Venice
Bottega dei Mascareri, Venice Bottega dei Mascareri, Venice
Bonotto, Molvena, Vicenza Bonotto, Molvena, Vicenza
Ceramiche Artistiche 3B, Nove, Vicenza Ceramiche Artistiche 3B, Nove, Vicenza
Colophonarte, Belluno Colophonarte, Belluno
Bruno Barbon Antiquariato, Venice Bruno Barbon Antiquariato, Venice
Morelato, Salissole Verona Morelato, Salissole Verona
Fonderia Artistica Valese, Venice Fonderia Artistica Valese, Venice
Fallani Venezia, Venice Fallani Venezia, Venice
Domenico Tramontin & Figli, Venice Domenico Tramontin & Figli, Venice
Vetreria Anfora, Murano
Creative glasswork
Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, Venice
Nicolao Atelier Sartoria Teatrale , Venice
Theatre tailoring
Lucia Costantini, Burano
Traditional lace
Domenico Tramontin & Figli, Venice
La Bottega dei Mascareri, Venice
Papier mâché masks
Fornace Orsoni, Venice
Mosaic tiles
Giampaolo Babetto, Arquà Petrarca
Artistic jewellery
Ballin, Fiesso d’Artico
Bonotto, Molvena
Fine fabrics
Ceramiche Artistiche 3B, Nove
Este Ceramiche Porcellane, Este
Ceramics and painted porcelain
Tabarrificio Trevisano , Mogliano Veneto
Tailoring (Venetian capes)
Tipoteca Italiana, Cornuda
Colophonarte, Belluno
Limited edition artists’ books
Morelato, Salizzole
Wood furniture
Bruno Barbon Antiquariato, Venice
Wood inlay
Mario Berta Battiloro, Venice
Gold leaf
Fonderia Artistica Valese, Venice
Artistic metalwork
Fallani Venezia, Venice
Silk screen printing
Maglificio Miles, Vicenza

If you would like to visit any of these workshops in Venice, click here
Denis Curti
Imagined by: Susanna Pozzoli with Denis Curti

Italian photographer Susanna Pozzoli studied photography in Paris and began to show and publish her work in 2000. Since then, her photography and multimedia work has been presented in numerous solo shows in Italy and abroad, including an acclaimed project documenting master artisans in Korea. For this exhibit her work is curated by Denis Curti, Artistic Director of Civita Tre Venezie and former Artistic Director of the Italian Foundation for Photography and the International Biennial of Photography of Turin.

Fine Art prints by Studio Berné, framing CiQuadro Cornici, printed and framed in Milan, Italy.