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The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
The Michelangelo Foundation Presents
Doppia Firma
Doppia Firma Presented by: The Michelangelo Foundation
Doppia Firma: Double Signature
A dialogue between contemporary design and artisanal excellence

When innovative designers and master artisans come together, something special happens. Discover the original works created through the Doppia Firma project, where 13 top international designers or design duos were each paired up with a master artisan from the Veneto region so they could talk, learn from each other and create something new and wonderful. The objects resulting from these 13 creative relationships express the uniqueness of each particular collaboration – the different cultures, approaches, perspectives and experiences of two individuals poured into a single original piece of work bearing both their signatures.

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A new way of thinking

Top designers from countries including Japan, Switzerland, Uruguay, the US, Germany and Lebanon found inspiration in the highly-skilled work of master artisans whose techniques are rooted in their Venetian homeland. And those artisans – working with lace, paper, silver, ceramics, wood, glass and other materials – found exciting challenges in the fresh ideas proposed by the designers they worked with. An industrial designer was inspired by the work of an artisan making traditional papier mâché Venetian masks, a cabinetmaker and a design duo were each challenged by the other to try something they had never done before. A precious exchange of ideas leading to a new way of thinking.

Updating tradition
Spanish designer Inma Bermúdez was inspired by the treasure trove of traditional porcelain moulds at Este Ceramiche Porcellane, but she brought her own contemporary style to the decoration of her chosen items.

Collaborating on fresh ideas
Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk had never worked with gold leaf before, so meeting gold leaf artisan Marino Menegazzo was an exciting opportunity to create something fresh and new inspired by the wafer-thin gold still beaten by hand in the workshop.

Innovative design ignites artisanal talent

Discover the fascinating uniqueness of these special objects. A set of six drinking glasses made using traditional Murano glassmaking techniques, whose hazy colours evoke both the misty mornings on Murano and the fog of London, where its designers are based. A beautiful piece of lace embroidery that conjures the traditional Italian practice of hanging clothes to dry above the street. Printwork that combines letterpress techniques with digitally created typefaces. A contemporary tapestry made from traditional soprarizzo velvet handwoven on a centuries-old loom. Each a product of innovative European design igniting the talent of great artisans.

Birds, Diamonds and stripes Nebbia Collection Another Nature Cabinet 82 Woman in love
Presented by: The Michelangelo Foundation

Doppia Firma was developed by the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte and Living Corriere della Sera with the support of the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship to further their mutual aim to create a dialogue between the worlds of craftsmanship and design. This is the third annual edition of the project. Doppia Firma 2018 was first presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April 2018.