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    Gloria Giannelli lives and works with alabaster in Volterra, Italy. Her works enhance the qualities of the materials she works with and demonstrate the transparency of alabaster. Gloria started to work with alabaster from an early age. Her works have a feminine style and distinguish themselves with elaborate floral motifs and carved embroideries. The considerable experience that Gloria has gained over many years permits her to realise increasingly complex objects. Her works also draw from the professional knowledge of two master artisans in Volterra, turner Cerone Homer and ornament worker Gazzanelli Renzo. Gloria has been awarded a number of prizes throughout her career such as the Gremigni Award. She has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Italy and internationally.

    Volterra Italy  Gloria Giannelli Turned alabaster Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 13, 56048 Volterra
    +39 0588 84030
    Space: Best of Europe
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